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An increase in coastal flooding and erosion is prompting the need for building and upgrading of coastal defences to protect property and infrastructure such as railway lines, roads and new port installations

The URBANE Project aims to better understand the ecology of artificial urban coastal habitats so as to promote biodiversity and minimise the negative impacts of artificial structures. Many people around the world are now concerned about the environment because the planet Earth is our great home. And the health and well-being of each of us depends on how good it is. In recent decades, many catastrophes have occurred on Earth, the main factor of which was human activity. The ecology is very important, especially in the coastal zone, and that work in Esmée Fairbairn URBANE's levee building and flood protection programs may take longer than you think and therefore you may need essay service help. It is equally important to find the right writer as a reliable company to write an essay. They both need to provide high-quality services.
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