Final Stakeholder Workshop, June 7th 2013 in Bristol

In June 2013, the official end of the URBANE project was marked with an open invitation to the Final Stakeholder Workshop. The meeting has proven successful as a platform for stakeholder input and stimulating discussions on the issues and requirements of ecological design and their applicability. The workshop was held in the Horizon House of the Environment Agency, who greatly contributed to its success through the provision of the venue and other logistical support!

Attendance was great with 45 representatives from consultancies, engineers, local authorities, planning and conservation agencies, and universities and research institutions. Many contributed in the form of oral presentations, poster presentations or during the open discussion forum. The morning session aimed at outlining the problems and opportunities of coastlines in the face of climate change and urbanisation (1). External speakers were invited to share their knowledge and expert opinion from the various stakeholder perspectives (2) - (4). Following this, findings from the URBANE project, the related EU-funded THESEUS project and other Esmée Fairbairn projects were presented (5) - (9). Restoration plans for the Merseyside Narrows SSSI were presented (10).

  1. Steve Hawkins (University of Southampton), Richard Thompson (University of Plymouth) & Louise Firth (NUI Galway) - Introduction
  2. Dan Normandale (Environment Agency) - Strategic Context
  3. Anissia White (University of Plymouth) - Managed Realignment
  4. Dave Simmonds (University of Plymouth) - Engineering Considerations
  5. Louise Firth - BIOBLOCK and Gabions
  6. Ally Evans (Aberystwyth University) - Rock Pools
  7. Larissa Naylor (University of Glasgow) - BIOPROTECTION
  8. Steve Hawkins, Katrin Bohn (University of Southampton) & Louise Firth - Liverpool Dock Restoration
  9. Simon Hoggart (University of Plymouth) - River Restoration
  10. John Lamb (Liverpool) - Merseyside Narrow SSSI Restoration