Colonisation survey

Ephemeral green algae are the first to colonise the new structures at Aberaeron, February 2010. Photo: L. Firth

The URBANE team is surveying newly built structures to quantify colonization rates. 3 locations are being monitored:

Aberaeron - two new rock rubble groynes (3-6 tonnes) were completed in the upper shore in September 2009

Sabellaria alveolata recruits were seen for the first time on Tywyn breakwater in October 2011, 18 months after construction. Photo: L. Firth

Twywn - a new breakwater and two new rock rubble groynes were completed in May 2010

Borth - an extensive scheme is currently underway involving the construction of inshore breakwaters and groynes in addition to an offshore breakwater which will have a dual purpose as a surf reef. Construction is expected to finish in February 2012

Construction of the new offshore multipurpose reef at Borth, August 2011. Photo: L. Firth